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In 2014, China’s policy on sports was liberalized, the sports industry broke out, and various fighting events sprang up in an endless stream. In May 2015, the most expensive "century battle" in the history of boxing opened the eyes of all sportsmen. In just half an hour, two boxers earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Why is the boxing champion's income so high? The same is the boxing champion, how is the fighting champion so poor? How can a boxing champion have the same income as a boxing champion?
Some people may say that boxing and fighting are the same thing. Both athletes carry gloves and match them according to their weight level. There are referees, explanations, hosts, and cards. Boxing and fighting are not just as simple as "boxing and wearing shoes." Not only are many ordinary people unclear, but even a lot of fighting athletes are stupid. However, the explanation of this article from the inside out is clear, and the difference between the two is different. Only by first understanding where the gap is, can we find the problem to solve the problem.
First, a brief introduction to the current international mainstream three types of fighting sports: boxing, kick boxing (also known as free combat), MMA mixed fighting. The "fighting" mentioned in this article mainly refers to kick boxing. It distinguishes the gap between fighting and boxing from the perspectives of rules and history, boxer income comparison, industry status, and market prospects. It is not for praise of boxing and low fight, but for Help fight to understand the difference between each other, so that the silk is transformed into a handsome and handsome. The original intention of my own martial arts network is because I have contacted many fighters and experienced the hardships of these boxers. They have been sweating in the downfall, but they have not received the recognition and reward they deserve to realize their own value. Let everyone deeply understand the difference and let the market in the fight industry really open.
I hope that this article will let everyone know why the current stage of the fight is "nonsense"!
First, rules and history - fighting sports three-legged.


The first one, boxing (BOXING). This is a well-known traditional project, and it has a long history and is known to all ages. The rule is simple, that is, only the use of fists is allowed, and it is impossible to kick or kick, and it is forbidden to hit the back of the head and the crotch. Boxing is also an Olympic event. There are many well-known boxing stars such as Tyson, Ali, Mayweather, Pacquiao, etc. Now there are Chinese boxing champions Zou Shiming and Xiong Chaozhong are well-known boxing stars.
Modern boxing originated in the United Kingdom in the eighteenth century, when the game did not wear gloves; there were no rules and time limits until one of them lost the ability to continue the game. In 1880, the British Amateur Boxing Association was officially established in London, and since then boxing has spread to all parts of the world. The first British Championship was held in 1881. Founded in 1962, WBA is the earliest professional boxing organization among the four major professional boxing organizations. In summary, the boxing movement has a history of hundreds of years.
The second, Kickboxing or translation is called Free Fight. The sport originated in Japan and was a sports program improved by the Japanese in the 1960 Japanese Karate and Muay Thai match. Kickboxing, as can be seen from the English name, the rule is probably "boxing that can be kicked". You can use boxing, legs, and knees, but it is forbidden to fall and elbow (also known as the difference between Muay Thai rules), and it is also forbidden to hit the back of the head and the crotch.
The earliest kicking organizations WAKO and WKA were established in 1976, and the world famous kicking event K-1 was established in 1993. The popular "Wulin Wind", "Kunlun" and "Heroes Legend" are all kicked. Boxing-based events. That is to say, the history of kicking is about 50 years.
The third is MMA Martial Arts. This is currently the fastest-growing sport, mostly based on cages, and also uses traditional square-shaped ropes. The rules are the most open wrestling sports. Athletes can use the boxing gloves, can use boxing, legs, knees, elbows, falls, ground wrestling, and squatting. It is also prohibited to fight the back of the brain and crotch.
Although the prototype of MMA can be traced back to the ancient Greek period, the establishment of the MMA project in the true sense originated from the 1993 UFC, the ultimate American fighting championship. That is to say, the history of MMA sports is only 20 years, but it is the fastest.
Summary: Boxing has a long history of 100 years, and women and children are well known. 50 years of kicking and MMA (UFC) is only 20 years old. But the speed and popularity of MMA is faster than kicking. Fighting (kicking boxing) is in the middle of the clip. History has no boxing. It is more established than MMA. The speed of development is not as fast as that of boxing.

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